Recruiting & Executive Search Services

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Healthcare Management Group specializes in middle management and above to include Director, VP, and SVP executive search roles.

Our informed approach is unique because the leadership of our company has experience working inside the healthcare industry, so we personally know the potential pitfalls, common issues, and what questions to ask.

HMG has the proven ability to meet the needs of our clients because we only accept the work we can successfully deliver upon. Great partners don’t just offer up solutions they developed for other customers. We collaborate with each client to build strategies that are unique to each need while maintaining a sense of urgency and preferred timeline.

We focus on the Fit Factor.

The Fit Factor is finding the person with the right balance of leadership skills, experience, and personality to fulfill the needs of the client and be the best option for their position.

We focus on the leadership characteristics of an applicant just as much, and sometimes more, than their work history and education. Our goal is to find someone who is both qualified AND a good culture fit.

HMG has strong market share when it comes to a more focused and personalized way of recruitment to include leadership profiling. The goal is to allow for more flexibility for our clients to design and dictate what process works best for them. Understanding the sense of urgency with all executive search to be high, we only take on those searches we know we can fully support and successfully fill.

Positions we filled last year:

  • Administrative Director, Physician Relations
  • Associate Director, Perioperative Services – Pediatrics/Academic Medical Center
  • Associate Vice President, Planned Giving – Pediatrics
  • Clinical Manager, Neonate/Pediatrics Transport
  • Director of Contracts & Contract Negations
  • Director of HR
  • Director of Nursing
  • Director of Nursing, Operating Room – Pediatrics
  • Director of Contracts and Revenue Cycle
  • Executive Administrator Transplant
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • NICU Director
  • Perioperative Director
  • Principal Gift Officer
  • Principal Gift Officer, Research Institute
  • Recruiting Manager – Pediatrics Hospital
  • System Director Laboratory Services
  • Systems Director Imaging Services
  • Team Lead Flow Cytometry
  • VP of Quality

Executive Search & Recruiting

We all know that hiring the wrong person for any management position can negatively impact the organization for years. That is why it is so critical to make good hiring decisions. With more than forty years combined experience in recruiting executives, HMG can assist you in identifying and recruiting outstanding individuals for your key executive positions. What makes HMG unique is its Corporate Culture Profile, which enables us to systematically match the candidates’ profiles with the values and needs of the organization. From our extensive network of candidates to our executive assessment, HMG is able to recruit individuals who will best meet the particular needs of your organization.

Something that sets HMG apart is our focus on the pre-boarding process, ensuring that candidates are kept updated throughout so they stay engaged and informed.

Group of men and women sitting around a table in a business setting
A man and a woman sitting around a table in a business setting

Interim Placement

Vacancies in executive and management positions can be difficult to fill and unfortunately, organizations don’t always have the luxury of time it takes to fill the position on a long term basis.

HMG’s extensive database of candidates who are interested in working on an interim basis means we are able to help fill interim positions quickly, with a candidate who will fit the needs of the company, not just a warm body.

Executive Assessment

Leadership traits of an individual such as assertiveness, flexibility, and intelligence do not change from situation to situation. Rather, each key trait can be applied to situations differently. Our Executive Assessment is proven to better identify a leader and critically understand what the ideal environment is for them. The success of HMG is a direct correlation of our ability to profile our candidates more effectively because of the research and time spent understanding this leadership philosophy.

If requested, all final candidates will complete an Executive Assessment which will provide additional information regarding the candidate’s personality traits including flexibility, emotionality, initiative, persistence, political sensitivity, and other key leadership characteristics.

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