Program Director, Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal Programs

The Opportunity

In direct support of the Vice President of Operations – Musculoskeletal and working closely with
the VP & CPE of Musculoskeletal, the Program Director provides leadership, guidance, and
support to all stakeholders across Lee Health in the ongoing management, administration, and
development of the Orthopedic Co-management and Musculoskeletal Institute program, to
support an evolving, comprehensive, and aligned musculoskeletal (MSK) institute. The goal of
this role is to provide overall administration and management of the Orthopedic co-management
agreement and to support MSK initiatives. In collaboration with Lee Health planning resources,
orthopedic centers of care, and leadership teams across the MSK service line disciplines,
facilitates the development and execution of the MSK Service Line objectives. This leader will
represent Lee Health to ensure continuous engagement of co-management members and

keeping detailed and accurate records, monitoring and feedback to Lee Health and the Co-
management group related to the management services and the performance metrics in the Co-
management agreement. The aim of the Orthopedic Co-management is to improve the quality

of care and provide specified management services to Lee Health. This leader will support the
Musculoskeletal Institute to develop a seamless, safe, and high-quality care continuum as the

organization transitions from an independent network of services to a collaborative multi-
disciplinary service line that enhances services through enhanced quality, service, and an

interdisciplinary cultural transformation. The Program Director is focused on all activities
associated with Musculoskeletal Institute to include data analytics to drive performance,
PowerPoint presentations, financial accountability, leading meetings with key stakeholders,
clinical activities of the MSK service line, and other duties as assigned. Provides support to
service line management through data and analysis. Data includes but is not limited to: market
trends, service utilization, market share, profitability and patient satisfaction. Data is utilized by
department leaders and the physician relations team to understand referral patterns and most
importantly to develop strategies to optimize patient care. Assists service line management,
physician relations, and finance in the determination of budgets including volume projections,
revenue projections, and reimbursement expectations.

The Organization

Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Job Functions:
The Program Director will serve in an oversight capacity on behalf of Lee Health with respect to services

management provided by Specialty Management Services, LLC. regarding the Orthopedic Co-


• The Director will demonstrate leadership while overseeing the Orthopedic Co-
management and the provision of services within the Lee Musculoskeletal Service Line.

• Provides leadership and works closely with Physicians, clinical, and business
professionals, and be responsible for creating a fair, open and collaborative environment
for all teammates/members.

• Provides direction to enhance the effectiveness and performance metrics of the
• Develops and maintains an effective and collaborative meeting schedule with key
stakeholders including: Co-management members, other physicians, Orthopedic Nurse
Navigators, Practice Mangers, Care advisors, physicians, patients, medical groups, and
third party payers focused on quality and operational improvement opportunities.
• Continues to grow and evolve the Musculoskeletal service line by seeking opportunities
for improvement that are in the best interest of Lee Health and all members.
• Develops and manages operational strategies; working across the health system and
the Musculoskeletal Institute to ensure effective and efficient business office operations.
• Ensures consistency of treatment and application of Lee Health policies, processes and
• Continuously develop, grow and shape the MSK service line, as situations and opportunities dictate.
1) Data Mining, Analysis and Service Line Review
a. Extract data from EPIC, or appropriate data source, for assigned service lines
and review data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.
b. Meet as appropriate with key personnel within Inpatient & Outpatient Services
and Continuum of Care Services to discuss Service Line Leadership Analytics
c. Work collaboratively with service line leadership and Physician Relations to
develop tactical plans to optimize volumes while considering operational and
capacity constraints.
d. Control access to data and institute mechanisms to distribute reports to service
line and physician practice leaders.
e. Take an active role in the Promoting Referrals Committee, IS Referral
Workgroup, and other appropriate groups to share planned activities as defined
in the tactical plans. Compare established targets to actual results for select
service lines and locations.
2) Service Line Leadership Analytics
a. Develops, interprets and presents trends/information to divisional leadership and
key service line personnel.
b. Work with Planning and Strategy, or other departments as needed, to research,
obtain and analyze external data regarding the local and regional marketplace for
purposes of developing an annual environmental assessment.

3) Budget Preparation
a. Assist in the development and analysis of service line annual volumes.
b. Provides: market trends, service utilization and market share to project budgets
4) Strategic Planning:
a. Collaborates with Planning and Strategy to provide support for Outpatient, Lee
Physician Group or Continuum of Care initiatives.
b. Provides analytical support for creation, implementation and tracking of tactical
service line and territory initiatives.

5) Customer / Patient Satisfaction
a. Review quarterly data with service lines and participate in reporting of “Best
Practice” to achieve top box performance.

Research and Analysis: Works with Lee Health resources and systems to acquire data and reports
required to monitor performance, drive decision making, and ensure regulatory compliance. Performs data

analysis and effectively communicates information and results to drive decision making. Inspires and
supports a spirit of inquiry and creativity. Supports and executes any needed regulatory/reporting activities
related to MSK, in collaboration with the MSK Dyad leadership team.
Project Management: Consults with all stakeholders and provides direction and guidance to committees,
project teams, and other assigned resources in the execution of project deliverables. Identifies and uses
appropriate project management strategies (i.e., Gant Charts and other visual management tools) and
concepts. Sets priorities for tasks based on importance and urgency, in consultation with the MSK Dyad
Leadership Team. Delivers projects on time and within budget. Delegates tasks appropriately and provides
needed support throughout project life cycle.
General Administration: Accountable for the overall administration and organization of the MSK Service
Line across Lee Health by planning and directing all functions and activities associated with business,
financial, and clinical activities including:
• Volume growth drivers
• Regulatory compliance
• Marketing
• Operational and quality performance monitoring
• Physician and Staff Education
• New program development opportunities
• Develop and grow MSK service line:
• Provide direction and leadership in a matrix environment to support service line integration system
• Engage with the Lee Health communications team to support effective communication and
marketing channels both internal and external to drive outcomes.
• Collaborate with biomedical engineering, facilities management, vendors and other resources to
ensure MSK equipment remains in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
• Collaborate with the MSK Dyad leadership team and finance in the management of the MSK
service line annual budget.
• Engage orthopedic physician leaders to evaluate and assess opportunities to implement new
• Quality Management:
• Establish and maintain a program of continuous monitoring for process and outcome measures to
support operations and patient care across the service line.
• Drive adherence to required quality management guidelines and criteria and maintain all required
• Track current and new technical practices and procedures and monitor to ensure health care
professional in service programs are provided.

• The Director communicates and collaborates with heath care providers and MSK
Institute personnel in the planning and coordination of program services.

• Cooperates in creating a documented plan focused on outcomes and decisions related
to the provision of program services.
• Partners with other stakeholders, in a variety of formats, to enhance patient outcomes
through inter-professional activities, including education, consultation, management,
technological development, or research opportunities.
• Consults with other internal and external stakeholders as needed.
• Evaluates the need for referrals to ensure optimal coordination of services.
• Participates in building consensus or resolving conflict in the context of patient care.
• Adheres to standards and applicable codes of conduct that govern behavior among
peers and colleagues to create a work environment that promotes cooperation, respect
and trust.

• The Director evaluates the Orthopedic Co-management program services in relation to
professional practice standards, guidelines, relevant statues, rules and regulations.
• Engages in a formal process of program evaluation, through the Orthopedic program
quality and safety outline, and incorporates findings into the process improvement cycle
and subsequent action planning.
• Establishes and maintains a program of continuous monitoring of operations, quality
management, and appropriateness of patient care related to the MSK Service Line,
including process and outcome measures.
• Collaborates and assists the Ortho Navigator and other personnel with the application
processes to achieve and maintain Centers of Excellence in the service lines underneath
the MSK Institute.
• Ensures continuity of care and quality program outcomes.
• Assists Lee Health System’s leadership, where appropriate, in the development and
implementation of standardized clinical guidelines/protocols/order sets.
Ensures appropriate documentation in accordance with regulatory and hospital standards.

• The Program Director considers factors related to safety, effectiveness, availability, and
cost in the planning and provision of program services.
• Assists in the annual preparation of budget for the MSK Service Line.
• Evaluates resources, including new technology, which enhances program services.
• Works with all Orthopedics and MSK physician leaders to evaluate new available
• Program services are provided in accordance with regulatory standards, quality
management program guidelines of LHS and in accordance with the competencies and
skill sets of program personnel.
Program services support the patients and family’s ability to be informed consumers
regarding cost, risks, and benefits of treatment and care options.


• The Program Director participates in ongoing education related to progressive business
strategy, operational effectiveness, cardiovascular clinical standards and theoretical
knowledge, and professional leadership.
• Collaborates with Ortho Navigator to support pre-operative educational classes, and
coordination of the ongoing education of hospital staff involved in the care of Ortho
• Ensure patients are educated through the provision of program services regarding health
promotion practices and treatment modalities relevant to their individual health needs.
• Performs appropriate in-service programs to keep health care professionals abreast of
current or new technical practices or procedures.


• The Program Director interacts in a professional and respectful manner
• Mentors and coaches program personnel and readily shares knowledge and skills with
• Contributes to an environment that is conducive to the professional education of
program personnel.

• The Program Director’s decisions and actions on behalf of Lee Health staff and the
patients served through the MSK Institute are determined in an ethical manner.
• Maintains confidentiality within legal, regulatory and Lee Health standards.
• Ensures conformance to the By-laws, Rules, and Regulations of Lee Health’s Medical
• Acts as a patient advocate and guides program services in a nonjudgmental and
nondiscriminatory manner that is sensitive to diversity, culture and the preservation of
autonomy and dignity.

• The Director supports the utilization of the best available evidence, preferably research
findings, to develop program services. Such activities may include: Members of the
Ortho and MSK Institute participating in and/or conducting research trials, critiquing
research or application to practice, and sharing research activities with other internal or
external stakeholders.
• Conducts and monitors various studies as required in accordance with quality
management guidelines and criteria, as well as prepare required reports.

Qualifications and Requirements


Education Requirements: Bachelor’s Required; Masters or Doctorate preferred in Nursing,
Physical Therapy, Business, Healthcare or related field.


Experience Requirements: 5+ years in an orthopedic discipline or service line in a leadership
capacity. Ability to articulate and demonstrate analytical business acumen and project
management experience.


State of Florida Licensure Requirements:

Other: Clinical, Business, and Data Analytics Experience are critical. Demonstrated experience
and success in improving organization outcomes through coordinating and executing projects of
high complexity, with significant staff, provider, and leadership engagement. Possesses
exceptional analytical skills, data analytics skills, PowerPoint skills, Spreadsheet skills,
communication skills, and demonstrated ability to work with diverse teams and interface

effectively with internal and external stakeholders at all organizational levels in a dynamic, fast-
paced environment.

The Ideal Candidate

We are seeking a candidate with a proven track record in managing large physician groups
within private practice or managed physician service groups. The successful candidate should
demonstrate expertise in overseeing intricate contracts and possess experience in service line
leadership, programmatic development, project management, and managing monthly physician
timesheets. Additionally, they should exhibit fiscal responsibility in managing budgets and
program fees.

Ideally, the candidate will have a history of contributing to the building and growth of large
programs within the service line model. Strong communication skills are essential, as the role
involves collaborating with and supporting multiple physician leaders. Preferably, candidates will
have experience in orthopedic/musculoskeletal departments.

Key attributes we value include attention to detail, a data-driven approach, strategic thinking,
service line management, analytical, physician relations, and robust financial acumen.

More About the Organization

Lee Health

The organization:
Lee Health consists of four adult hospitals, Golisano Children’s Hospital, the
Rehabilitation Hospital, and Lee Health Coconut Point. We’re also home to the Lee
Health Regional Cancer Center, Home Health, Skilled Nursing, Behavioral Health, a
physician group with more than 90 practice locations, community healthcare for the
underserved, urgent care, and much more.
But t he heart of our award-winning health system? Our nearly15,000 dedicated employees.
Excellence.Education.Safety. Compassion.Empathy. Respect. These are just
some of the words that describe how we approach each day. We believe in one another and
the patients and families we serve.

Lee Health believes in growth, education, and advancement. We have opportunities in
numerous residency programs, earn-as-you- learn programs, educational opportunities
including tuition reimbursement and grants. We also encourage an open environment and
culture, transfers, and promotions.

Lee Health has been part of the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area since 1916,
and we have grown and evolved right along with our population. Through all the area’s
changes, one thing never wavers: Our dedication to empowering lives through care and

Our hospitals:
Gulf Coast Medical Center Gulf Coast Medical Center (GCMC), located in the heart of Fort
Myers, is newly renovated and expanded. Home to our Level II Trauma Center, GCMC also
includes cancer services, orthopedics, MSK, Neurosurgery, PM&R, Rheumatology,
Anesthesia/Pain Mgmt, general surgery, and a 24/7 ER. Licensed Beds: 624 Annual patients:

Lee Memorial Hospital, a mainstay for more than 100 years, has a rich history of serving our
community: Orthopedics, MSK, Neurosurgery, PM&R, Rheumatology, Anesthesia/Pain Mgmt,
neuroscience, OB/ GYN, 24/7 ER, behavioral health, surgery, and the Rehabilitation Hospital –
a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation facility. Number of Acute Beds: 368 Patients Seen
Annually: 50,000+

Cape Coral Hospital serves our largest city with a wide range of services at a 40-acre campus
including women’s health, family birth suites, 24/7 emergency care, Orthopedics, MSK,
Neurosurgery, PM&R, Rheumatology, Anesthesia/Pain Mgmt, rehab, surgery, urology, a
certified diabetes program, and a Healthy Life Center – one of Lee Health’s modern health and
wellness facilities.

Health Park Medical Center, part of a comprehensive campus that includes outpatient, primary
care, pediatrics, and Golisano Children’s Hospital, is Lee Health’s primary location for our
cardiac program and a designated Chest Pain Center. HPMC also houses a 24/7 ER, women’s
health, rehab, and a high-risk OB unit—one of only 11 in the state. Number of Beds: 460
Number of Patients Seen Annually: 55,000+

Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida The only children’s hospital between Tampa
and Miami, Golisano Children’s Hospital – a seven story 292,000-foot facility that opened in
2017—features a specialty ER designed for kids and their families. Other services include a
Level-III NICU, Pediatric ICU, surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics, cancer care, and so much more.
Number of beds: 128 Patients Seen Annually: 30,000+